Wynton Marsalis
“Marsalis on Music”

Dan and Wynton
Dan and Kenny 1
Dan, Kenny, Wycliffe, Stan, Rob and Victor
full band 1
Dan and Kenny 2
full band 2
Dan plunger 1
Dan plunger 2
Wynton and band 1
view from the back row
Dan, Kenny, Randall, Wycliffe and Stan
Wynton and band 2
Wynton and band 3
Ben, Dan and Kenny
Wynton and band 4
full band 3
Peven, Dan, Wycliffe, Rob and Victor
Wynton and band 5

Harry Connick Jr. Orchestra
“Swingin’ Out Live”

Dan Anguilla solo 1
Dan Anguilla solo 2
Leroy, Roger and Dan
Dan plays 1
Dan plays 2
Dan plays 3

“Dan’s Pictures”

trumpets Uffizzi Gallery, Florence
Roger, Leroy and Jeremy, Royal Albert Hall
Roger and Dan, Monte Carlo
Dan, Russell and Jack McDuff

“Late Night with Conan O’Brien NBC 1999”

Dan, Mags, Lucien and Joe
Roger, Mags, Dan, Joe and Lucien
trumpets and trombones
full band 1
full band 2
Harry and band

“Late Show with David Letterman CBS 1999”

Harry and band 1
Harry and band 2
trumpets and trombones
Mags, Roger, Dan and Jeremy 1
Mags, Roger, Dan and Jeremy 2

“NBC Today Show 1999”

full band 1
full band 2
Roger and Dan
Harry and band

Harry Connick Jr. Funk Band
“Tonight Show with Jay Leno NBC 1996”

Dan, Mark, Dave and Ned 1
Dan, Mark, Dave and Ned 2
Harry and band 1
Harry, Tony and Dan
Tony and horns

Harry Connick Jr. Funk Band
“Late Show with Letterman CBS 1996”

Dan & Mark
Harry and horns 1
Harry and horns 2

“Elizabeth Taylor Birthday Celebration”

Dan and Mark 1
Harry and horns
Dan plays
Dan and Mark 2

“Fox Mad TV”

Orlando and band
Harry, Orlando and band
Harry and band
Dan, Mark and Ned 1
Dan, Mark and Ned 2

“NBC Today Show 1996”

Dan at Rockerfeller Center
Dan and Mark
Harry and band 1
Harry and band 2

Tom Jones
“Tonight Show with Jay Leno NBC 1997”

Tom and band 1
Tom and band 2
Tom and band 3
Tom and band 4
Tom and band 5
Tom and band 6
Tom and band 7

“NBC Today Show 1996”

Tom and band 1
Tom and band 2
Tom, Glen, Dan
Tom and band 3

Maynard Ferguson
“Dan’s Pictures”

Dan and MF in Chicago
Dan, Walter and Joe
Dan Tokyo Blue Note 1
Dan Tokyo Blue Note 2
Dan, Jim and MF in Japan
Dan and MF in Austin
MF, Jon, Ed and Bru in India
Dan, MF and Craig in Germany
MF, Dan and Craig in Pittsburgh
Dan, Al Porcino and Tomas in Germany

“Live at the Berkhausen Jazz Festival”

Dan plays
Dan and Matt
MF, Dan and Joe Jackson 1
MF and Dan 1
MF, Dan and Joe Jackson 2
MF and Dan 2

Jimmy McGriff
“Ellington’s Jazz Bar March 2006”

Dan and Jimmy McGriff
Dan with Jimmy McGriff and Ellington’s Band 1
Dan with Jimmy McGriff and Ellington’s Band 2

Dan Miller
Eastern Washington University Trumpet Madness
May 7-10, 2008

Dan and Vern Seilert

Dan Miller with the Danny Sinoff Quartet
Jazz Foundation of America 18th Annual Loft Party
October 18, 2009

Dan Miller, Anthony Pinciotti, Danny Sinoff and Neal Caine
Eric Reed, Danny Sinoff and Dan Miller

Dan Miller
“Dan’s Pictures”

Wynton with Mom & Dad January 2009
Wynton with Dan & Mom January 2009
Dan with David ‘Fathead’ Newman at Ellington’s 2008
Dan with Danny Sinoff November 2008


Dan with Bobby Shew, Dave Lotozo & Bob Malone of Yamaha NYC October 2008


Dan with Dave Miller & Jim White Village Gate NYC 1993

2009 All-County Jazz Band
My Students

Christian Allmendinger (lead trumpet), Jeremiah St.John (trombone) and Dylan Taylor (alto)

Dan Miller
Naples Jazz Festival
April 17-18, 2009
Faculty Small Group Concert

Dan and Dante Luciani
Dan Plays 1
Jeff Phillips, Doug Kirschner and Dan
Doug and Dan
Leon Anderson
Doug Plays 1
Dan and Dante
Dan Plays 2
Dante Plays
Doug Plays 2
Dan Plays 3
Leon and Dante
Jeff, Doug and Leon
Doug, Dan and Dante

Dan Miller – Lew Del Gatto Quartet
Barrel Room 2016 -2020

Dan and Brandon Robertson 1
Dan Plays
Dan and Brandon Robertson 2
Dan and Brandon Robertson 3
Dan with Gerald and Lew
Dan at the Barrel Room
The Band
Dan with Terumasa Hino, Lew, Tony and Brandon
Dan and Randy Sandke
Dan and Randy Sandke with Tony and Don
Dan and Randy Sandke with Brandon and Tony
Dan with Jason Marsalis, Gerald and Will Goble
Dan with Lew, Gerald, Steve Davis and Frank Portolese
Dan and Dave Miller
Making The Hang!
Dan with Dan Heck, Brandon and Tony
Dan with Dan Heck
Dan with Gerald Augustin and Dan Heck
Dan with Jeremiah St.John, Brandon, Neal Caine, Lew and Jeff Rupert
Lew, Bob Bowlby, Gerald, Tony and Joe Porter

Dan Miller Quartet
The Roadhouse Cafe 2012 – 2020

Dan with Joe Delaney, Tony Vigilante and Don Mopsick
Dan with Jerry Stawski and Don Mopsick
Dan with Jerry Stawski, Rick Costa and Mark Nuenschaunder

The Naples Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra (sextet)
Artis-Naples 2010 – 2020

(Photos Needed)

Terell Stafford
March 24, 2020

Dan with Terell Stafford 1

Stefon Harris
February 12, 2020

Dan with Stefon Harris 1
Dan with Stefon Harris 2

Jerry Weldon
January 15, 2020

Dan with Jerry Weldon 1
Dan with Jerry Weldon 2

Peter Bernstein
December 18, 2019

Dan with Peter Bernstein 1
Dan with Peter Bernstein 2
Dan with Peter Bernstein 3

Micheal Dease
October 30, 2019

Dan with Micheal Dease 1
Dan with Micheal Dease 2
Dan with Micheal Dease 3

Warren Wolf
March 28, 2018

Dan with Warren Wolf 1
Dan with Warren Wolf 2
Dan with Warren Wolf 3

Eric Alexander
April 5, 2017

Dan with Eric Alexander 1
Dan with Eric Alexander 2
Dan with Eric Alexander 3
Dan with Eric Alexander 4

Martin Taylor
January 4, 2017

Dan with Martin Taylor 1

Pat Martino
February 4, 2015

Dan with Pat Martino 1
Dan with Pat Martino 2
Dan with Pat Martino 3

Tom Harrell
January 8, 2014

Dan with Tom Harrell 1
Dan with Tom Harrell 2
Dan with Tom Harrell 3
Dan with Tom Harrell 4
Dan with Tom Harrell 5
Dan with Tom Harrell 6

Benny Golson
December 12, 2013

Dan with Benny Golson 1
Dan with Benny Golson 2
Dan with Benny Golson 3

Randy Brecker
January 17, 2013

Dan with Randy Brecker 1
Dan with Glenn Basham
Dan with Randy Brecker 2

Randy Brecker
January 6, 2011

Dan and Randy Brecker
Luciano Morello, Paul Shewchuk, Randy Brecker, Dan, Jerry Stawski, Goetz Kujack and Lew Del Gatto

Dan Miller – Lew Del Gatto Quintet featuring Ira Sullivan
Footsteps to the Future Benefit Concert
June 9, 2011

Lew Del Gatto, Dan, Ron Hefner and Ira Sullivan
Scott Smith, Dan, Ron and Ira
Dan, Ron and Ira
Lew, Dan, Ira and Ron
Dan digs Ira
Ira on tenor
Dan Plays
Lew and Scott
Ira and Marc Berner
Dan, Ira and Marc
Lew, Ira, Footsteps Founder Judi Woods and Dan
Dan and Jeremiah St. John