Instructions to Send a Video if You Cannot Attend

Thank you for sending in a video for Dan’s Celebration of Life, Dan was a wonderful man and we all miss his incredible spirit and personality.  If you would like to send a video in about your relationship / experiences with Dan we will make sure it gets played during the celebration.  We will also livestream the Celebration of Life, you can sign on to at 2pm on February 12th and click on the Livestream Now button to watch / listen along.  

If you are going to send a video please: 
– Introduce yourself and tell how you met / know Dan
– Share a story about your experiences with Dan
– Please remember this will be played in a church, we’ll need to keep the stories / language clean

For most folks I assume they’ll use their phone to take a video which will work just fine.  If possible set the phone up on a stable platform (Desk, Table, etc…) so it is still and make sure there is a good video of at least your upper torso in the video. If you have other camera equipment that will work too, we will be able to convert it.  These files will be large so you won’t be able to email them. You’ll want to send the original file and it would be best to upload them to a Dropbox or google drive folder and then send the link over so we can get the full quality video.  You can send it to Steve DeLadurantey at [email protected] if you have any questions please call Steve at 239-438-6433

We would need all the videos before February 1st so we have time to convert them and organize them. We’ll also want to keep the videos less than 2 minutes as there will be quite a few speakers throughout the event.